Surrendering To The Flow

Surrendering To The Flow

The world often projects rigid definitions of success and perfection onto us. By attempting to fit into these models, we can lose touch with our authentic essence.

It's easy to fall into cycles of pushing and pulling in an attempt to forcefully mold ourselves into what we think want to be. In reality, force creates resistance. Just like any attempt to clear muddy water just creates more disturbance, the most effective way is to let it rest. 

Lao Tzu said "When I let go of what I am, I become what I might be." Embracing the paradoxical nature of existence reveals beautiful opportunities for evolution. To find yourself, you must lose yourself. To gain strength, you must embrace vulnerability.

In this art of self-work, we learn that surrendering doesn't imply weakness, it is the gateway to our greatest strength. The ability to embrace our own imperfections, the things that make you, uniquely you, and deploy that patience and compassion when interacting with others.

Flow with the natural order, allow yourself to evolve without judgment, see where the middle path takes you.

This is the way.


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