More why, Less how

More why, Less how

The details involving how we will receive our influx of abundance are less important than why we do what we do. There are infinite ways to generate revenue, especially in this age of instant information. So why did you land on music rather than a trucking company. Why did you choose being a personal trainer rather than a lawyer.

Virtually all of the magic that separates you from everyone else is in the "why". Digging down into that question could reveal the next level of strategy and marketing, it could be the key your next decision about branding or scaling up.

The universe is limitless, it can deliver you to any destination without ever considering how steep the road is, or if there is a road at all. We cant calculate all of the variables, we can't create divine appointments. 

What we can do is get familiar with our why, maintain a magnetic high vibrational state of being and trust the process. Do the work, stay excited and expect miracles, let the how be a pleasant surprise.

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