Embracing Delusion

Embracing Delusion

Some of the most remarkable achievements in history were fueled by what most would consider to be delusion. Breakthrough innovations, creative revolutions and impactful inventions are always driven by visionaries who thought outside the boundaries of what was assumed to be possible.

Delusion often goes hand-in-hand with unwavering determination. When you believe in something to a degree that others might consider irrational, you're more likely to put in the relentless effort required to make it a reality. This level of determination is what propels us forward, even when faced with setbacks and challenges that might deter other people.

Giving yourself permission to think outside the box and explore unconventional paths, is a mindset shift that can lead to creative solutions and ideas that might have remained hidden in the realm of "realistic" thinking.

This path doesn't guarantee a smooth journey; setbacks and failures are inevitable, but it does cultivate resilience. Allowing yourself to be fueled by a vision that others might not understand, will help you develop the ability to bounce back from disappointments and keep moving forward.

Harnessing this power of delusion isn't about disconnecting from reality entirely. It's about believing in your vision to a degree that might seem unrealistic to others, but is pivotal for your personal growth and feeds your desire to materialize extraordinary achievements.

I am embracing my inner dreamer. I am deliberately visualizing beyond the confines of what is considered "rational and realistic". I fully intend to watch the world reshape itself around my affirmation.
This is the way.


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