Ebbs and flows

Ebbs and flows

Some days will be ecstatic highs, and some days will be draining lows. Both are valid and important to the over all journey. Even though we experience moments that feel out of sync or dissonant, they are in fact opportunities to exercise the lessons we have been metabolizing.

We have to keep in mind that most of us are unlearning decades of old paradigm influence, informed by generations of programming. These new neural pathways take time and effort to establish. The moment things get even a little outside our comfort zone, the brain tries to immediately revert back to the old operating system, even if that system  is destructive.

These down days are not failures, they are remnants calling our attention to the rooms that still need cleaning. We are not losing ground or undoing the work. Managing the adversity IS the work. Forgiving and loving ourselves through the darkness is what guarantees that we will emerge improved on the other side.

High tide is where we build, sharpen, and polish our tools. Low tide is when we use them.

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