Dare to be happy

Dare to be happy

A conscious decision to be joyful is an act of rebellion. In a paradigm that profits from insecurity and feelings of inadequacy, self love is revolutionary. So much of our society is based on consumption and disposability, it becomes easier every day to lose sight of the intrinsic value of humanity and compassion.

Our self worth can become tethered to objects that will inevitably become irrelevant or obsolete with the flip of a calendar page. To recognize all of these challenges and still find the perspective that allows us to resonate in joy and gratitude is to stand in open opposition to a system of toxicity. 

The good news is that the shift has already taken place, the new zeitgeist is rooting itself deeper in our reality every day. When we shine our brightest, we create an energetic signature that gives others the permission to do the same. 

May we all be ecstatic about our existence. May we release with ease and grace, everything that doesn't move us toward our highest good.

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