Creative quantum superposition

Creative quantum superposition

Superposition is explained as the ability to exist in multiple states simultaneously. This means that there is a scientific foundation that affirms we can be both a masterpiece, and a work in progress at the same time. We can experience deep gratitude for everything we currently have, while we plan to expand and invite more abundance into our lives.

Accepting and understanding this principle effectively creates a tether between the current self and the highest self. This is where we begin to evolve out of the dissonance caused by expectation and doubt, and into the cohesion that will feed creativity and facilitate self love and acceptance. 

Changing the way we define ourselves to ourselves does not just produce a new emotional field, it changes the form and function of our brains, and the chemical responses that drive our physiology. We can choose to evolve above the old paradigm of struggle and anxiety, when we deploy empathy inward and allow this fundamental truth to flourish and express itself in our life. 

Maybe you've always been everything you've ever wanted to be.


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