Breaktime is essential work

Breaktime is essential work

Happiness and productivity are intrinsically connected. I'm learning to respect the cycles of expansion and contraction, the ebb and flow between late night grinds and barefoot afternoons daydreaming in the garden. Both are important to finding the flow state. 

The old paradigm told us the only way was to work your fingers to the bone, and maybe that was true for a time. The new paradigm teaches us that our best work happens when the brain and the heart are in cohesion, when we are resonating in gratitude and actively seeking joy.

The right vibrational state of being is not only magnetic to people who may become allies, supporters or business partners, It also pumps healing hormones that regenerate damage caused stress trauma. 

Find your peace, protect it, let it heal you, and attract the abundance that is your birthright. 


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