Before The Noise

Before The Noise

There are a few minutes every morning that are completely peaceful. All I feel is gratitude for another opportunity to experience this life. I see a beautiful person who loves me completely, and all is right in existence.

Inevitably, after I adjust to reality, the noise slowly creeps in. What work is waiting for me? How far behind am I? How many sales will I make today? Will anybody see my efforts? 

When I'm engaged in the work, I feel the stillness. Whether it's art or in the garden, the process is all that exists. When the work is done, I find myself avoiding the expectations of how it will perform. I understand the ebbs and flows, and I accept the existence of the pendulum.

My work now is to extend and expand the peace that I feel when I'm creating, or planting, or just being. To nurture and cultivate that vibration until its the foundational frequency. 

 Chop Wood, Carry Water.  

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