Becoming The Alchemist

Becoming The Alchemist

You are the aperture through which the universe observes itself.

If we accept that observation is influence, it means that every experience is an opportunity to exercise alchemy. To take the raw material of what is, and transmute it into what could be.

Even though we cant perceive or calculate all of the variables in any given situation, there is almost always a perspective that reveals the possibility a beneficial outcome.

This is not an attempt at avoidance, it is a deliberate display of our willingness to embrace the intrinsic interconnectedness of all experiences, even the seemingly negative ones. 

I accept that without darkness, we cannot appreciate light, and without sadness, joy loses its profound meaning. Instead of resisting negativity, we learn to view it as an integral part of the human experience, serving a higher purpose in our personal growth. 

This is the divine art of alchemical transmutation. This is the way.





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