All We Have Is Now

Corey SWTKO Daily

 “ You cannot suffer the past or the future because they do not exist, what you are suffering is the memory and imagination.” -Sadhghuru
Sometimes we have to be reminded about just how precious the present moment is. It’s truly all we have, the continuum of now. Way too often we allow ourselves to be distracted by these figments. Our complex brains can send us signals that make past trauma and embarrassment feel brand new, we also create feelings of stress and anxiety when imagining the responsibilities of tomorrow. When we practice being mindful of this information, we remove ourselves from inside the program and place ourselves ABOVE the program. Above the program is where these energetic ligatures can be examined and unraveled. If you find yourself drifting for too long in the past or the future, break the cycle and observe the program. Bring your consciousness back to the place that is the most divine gift we have. The Present
Let today be for mindfulness, awareness and deep euphoric gratitude for life and all of the beauty available to experience. Breathe deep and deliberately, navigate this day as if the universe lovingly crafted a miracle just for you. 

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