Action reveals opportunity

Action reveals opportunity

There is a path from your current position to overflowing abundance. That path can not be found by analyzing the landscape, it can only be found through action. Planning and visualization are very important parts of manifesting, but too much time in the safety of the imagination can create a dangerous complacency. This is often referred to as the "Paralysis of Analysis". Strategizing about your next move is very similar to using a map to plan your next trip. As important as the map is, it should never be mistaken for the terrain. There are some things we can never learn in the brainstorm phase, There are ideas, opportunities and experiences we will only fully understand when we take the initiative and engage with the physical environment. 

I believe that achieving our highest good will require confronting fear, taking risks, bouncing back from perceived failures, and lots of self love and forgiveness. I welcome all of the responsibility that comes with the life I am currently materializing. As I continue learning to get out of my own way, I'm keeping in mind that missing 50 shots in a row, is still a better investment than just thinking about when to take a shot. Fortune favors the bold, and the universe rewards radical optimism.

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