A delicate balance

A delicate balance

"No line is thinner than the one between too much ego, and not enough" 

When it comes to self assessment I usually ebb and flow between feeling like I'm not good enough to present my self/work to the world, and being euphoric about the success and acceptance that I will soon find myself immersed in. The balance between the two feels just as delicate as it is illusive. 

Too much ego may lead us to being stubborn and unable to take meaningful advice or suggestions. This is a destructive path toward narcissism, expectations and entitlement that will ultimately land in bitterness and regret. 

On the other side of that coin, is not having enough self love and appreciation for your own contribution. This path can also be destructive, leading us toward self  deprecation and a lack of confidence that ends in failure due to obscurity. 

If I had to identify one thing that has been the most conducive to helping me find that balance, it would be daily meditation. Training the mind to turn down the volume on unwanted chatter, and isolate the true loving, forgiving, and nurturing voice that sounds a lot more like my own. 

I can't honestly say that I've mastered my ego, or if I know for sure that it can be mastered. What I can say is I am creating and sharing with fewer expectations, and I'm beginning to feel more worthy and deserving of the life I visualize for myself. 


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