Abstract Art Experiments

Abstract Art Experiments

I recently got a new sketchbook and I immediately knew what I wanted to do with it. Art with less expectation. I just want to move my tools around on the paper until something cool happens. This feeling has been growing from my art play with asemic writing. 

Asemic - /əˈsem.ɪk/ - using lines and symbols that look like writing, but do not have any meaning.

Surrendering to shapes, marks and forms without projecting too much meaning into them has been extremely liberating for my creativity and perspective on what is aesthetically pleasing when it comes to art.

The way we experience art is not objective. A piece that one person finds forgettable could be life altering to someone else. All I really want to accomplish as an artist is to find the people who resonate deeply with the images I create from authenticity.

These art play experiments are helping me to understand that there are no guaranteed blueprints to creating a piece of art that someone will love. All I can do is practice being an open channel, stay true to my own process and carry out the steps that make the art available to be experienced by the people who might dig it. 

Art is self discovery, I make stuff and the stuff makes me. A beautiful transaction has already taken place. The vortex is a generous benefactor.


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